Eating out is poor lifestyle and unhealthy !!

Last week I Was watching some old 70s movies ( JAWS ) and was surprised at the way people looked at that time … slim , athletic  .. good looking … thick hair on the head…They definitely don’t look malnutritioned . While the whole world loves to eat in restaurants more than 2 to 3 times a week …. in some cases maybe more ( this includes all kinds of packed food you buy safely packed or not doesn’t matter ) , the cases of ill health is on the rise … the reasons why you shouldn’t eat out are many .. a few of them are mentioned here ….

you have no idea what is the nutrition value as you don’t buy the vegetables , oils etc …

you have no idea when it was cooked … then recooked and given to you …

you have no idea who cooked it and how ….

you have no idea how many bacteria and  worms are in the food you are eating !!

Today the ways to store food in the refrigerator have improved , however one needs to know the refrigeration process and what it does to food . I have written an article on food and refrigeration . Check it out in this section . We have many patients with severe conditions and it turns out most of the people who eat out regularly have lots of serious health issues .

The single largest cause of worms today is eating outside and eating stored food i.e Eating out as in Street food or in good restaurants alike . Children are affected the most so taking them out for treats is a bad idea . Next time take a microscope to the restaurant ! Haha … Eating out is the largest single reason for worms or eating meats and veggies which aren’t washed thoroughly … these worms aren’t only in your stomach … they go to your blood , bones , muscles and brain and many other places …just to let you know … the food in the best of hotels are stored for a very long time ! Sometimes weeks even months …. go without them checking their freezers … So what do you think will the small restaurants do ? … There are several diseases which we have found  in patients  due to worms – obesity , skin diseases , anemia , constipation , IBS , epilepsy and heart diseases !! Try to eat freshly cooked food … Eat at home everyday  .. eating out once in a while is ok ( like once in a month ) …Please note that food eaten within 3 to 4 hours of being cooked can give you energy and has life in it … after that the food starts to deteriorate . Food is the most important thing that gives nutrition to your body mind and even your soul …. so think what you put inside yourself  … don’t put it inside you just because someone tells you that its food !! Question everything …. In life everything is a choice ! Its up to you what you want to do.


Finally using ayurveda you can deworm yourself completely, it detoxifies your cellular system i.e intestines ,blood , brain , bones , muscles etc. Which cannot be done by any other system . To know more and or to get worm / parasite free, Call our Ayurvedic doctors ( Lifestyle Coach’s ) at home . Whats app “ YES “ on +91 7045964227.