TRIPHALA the real Superfood ..

When we talk of Super foods ,  most people believe that taking superfoods for a month or two should do wonders  — like WHAM ! and there you are …. However actually superfood is something when taken for prolonged periods ( years ) can do wonders to your health … Like magic ! TRIPHALA is one such superfood ! Why ? Well for one Triphala can not only detox you from all the toxins in your body ( Including all the pollutants , preservatives , chemicals , radiation , germs , virus , cancer cells ) but also  keep you disease free for the rest of your life . It can also improve your immune system like nothing else . However Triphala shouldn’t be consumed just like that . There are ways of consuming triphala and their are dosage is  based on age  . You can take it at night with warm water , or in the morning with ghee and/or honey or warm water and many other ways  . Also triphala acts differently when taken at different times of the day .  Depending on your constitution you will be administered triphala and the best way that your body will benefit from  . So kindly don’t self medicate   … since ingesting it in the wrong method can also dehydrate you . Guys google isn’t the answer to everything … google has feeds which are fed by people like you and me … One needs to also know that first your digestion process and detoxification needs to be done without which its of no use to have triphala just like that  . So kindly do not start on triphala unless you know why and how , which is recommended as a “ rasayan” — Rasayan in sanskrit literally translated means something which circulates through the interstitial fluids to all the tissues , it doesn’t mean Chemicals ! Today modern medicine has found how triphala can also inhibit growth of cancer cells and tumors … Yes Thats right and best part its cheap and can prevent diseases . First you need to improve your digestion to be able to let triphala have better action . So make ayurveda and triphala your friend if you really want to live a long disease free life . When you talk about Triphala people think its just a laxative !! here are some benefits of Triphala

  • Helps in  natural internal cleansing and detox process.
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates all the tissues of the body ( hence increasing immunity )
  • Supports healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients .
  • Natural antioxidant so slows down aging process.

Just to let you know that both my teenage daughters have been taking Triphala for many years ( 6 years ) now . The taste is as bitter as it  can be , yet they regularly take it without complaints . So if they can so can you and your family.


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