Genetic engineering and your Body .

As per Genetic engineering the DNA changes due to lifestyle choices made  over generations – so if  they had made wrong choices 3 generations ago .. its passed on and becomes a lifestyle disease . This happens as cells have memory ! So  your genes start to express itself differently than it did before 3 generations . If you  are trained to eat everything which is healthy , your children will do the same. If the child is generally healthy and you are generally healthy and you keep going with the wholesome rituals of daily lifestyle, you will correct the genetic lineage ( gene expressions ) for the next generation.This works the other way as well. What you eat and how you feed your kids will be the way that they are programed to take care of their own children and their children’s children .  So if you think you can have a terrible lifestyle , diet and thoughts however your kids and next generation will be better … not possible … Through your lifestyle food and thoughts you are changing your DNA for the better or worse …. unhealthy bodies and minds cannot have healthy progeny . period !! Thats how genetic engineering works anyways …. take care of yourself and the generations to come ..


Now how does one make sure that he or she is doing the right thing to change ones DNA and have a healthy next generation ?? There are several ways in ayurveda to do that . Firstly one needs to detox oneself from all the toxins which have been accumulated in the cells of your body . Well how would you know you have toxins firstly?


If you have fevers , allergies , constipation , anxiety , depression , frequent cold or cough , acidity , heartburn , acid reflux , headaches , acne , hairfall , lethargy , decreased sleep or excessive sleep , worms , anemia , skin problems , obese , excessive hunger or reduced hunger . These are signs that you have different kinds of toxins in your system which may have reached your cellular levels . Yes … a person who has no toxins will have none of this ! Anyways there is no form of medication or treatment apart from Ayurveda which can detox you from your cellular level so that your DNA doesn’t change .


Firstly you can do a Panchakarma or detox  and can flush toxins completely from your body . Post which , you can follow a certain lifestyle , diet and exercise which can reduce the toxins formed in your body on a regular basis . Once you start this process your body starts to heal itself . Remember you body is very forgiving and knows how to heal itself , provided you give it the chance and the environment to heal . You start to feel fresh , lighter , look better and age slower when you are detoxed . The choice is always yours finally .

In just one generation when the asians moved from their traditional food to american diet and lifestyle , all the people started to get more sick and their children are getting even more sick !  This in a span of just 20 years !

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