The Human Body .

Most of the religions have said that “ your body is a temple “ since it’s the seat of your soul. So you need to take care of your body to be able to think straight and to be healthy mentally . Today the kind of stuff we see around the world , on social media its like a war between opinions and perceptions . Most people don’t understand they are sick and hence behave in a certain way . It’s the same all over the world . For one it’s a new world which is emerging and the new world will be a much better place ( lets be optimistic ) and before that there shall be a lot of destruction and turmoil for anything new to happen . I am not an astrologer , but every 10 years a new world emerges and the previous ideas , concepts and thought process changes .. thats all .   We are in that phase of destruction where our minds need to evolve to be able to move to the next dimension . For this your body and mind need to be in tandem with the universe .


How does one take care of their body ? Primarily one needs to understand that our body is nothing but energy . This energy is Kinetic , Potential and Thermal energy . These are the three basic energies or doshas in your body as per Ayurveda . To have clean energy , your body needs to be free of toxins . Yes toxins are formed everyday in our body via wrong lifestyle , wrong foods , wrong behavior , wrong thoughts , no exercise and no daily detox methodology  . One because today we eat all kinds of packed food and chemicals , preservatives and dried or processed foods . Two when you eat foods that are heavy to digest or a wrong mix or eaten at wrong times they also create toxins in your body – Heavy to digest are foods which take a lot of time to be converted to energy . These toxins then create havoc inside your body . So your body needs to detox regularly and it can , however excess of toxins in your cellular structure causes your cell walls to thicken and hence it cannot drain all the toxins from your system .


So how does one detox in that case . Ayurveda is the only medicinal system or healthcare system that can detox your body off all the oil soluble toxins like Heavy metals , pollutants , preservatives , chemicals in food and medicines . These are all oil soluble toxins or fat soluble . These oil soluble toxins cannot drain through your kidneys . The more the toxins leave your body the more you feel fresh , the more you feel lighter and you can then move on to the next dimension . After a short ayurvedic detox which detoxes your liver , blood , kidney , cells as well as the mind , you start to feel lighter , happier and more productive . However the Doctor needs to be adept at understanding which detox system you need . In fact if done once in 6 months your temple is clean and ready to give your soul a comfortable seat to be able to perform at its optimum . This is the path to happiness , health and peace . Along with your body , your mind also starts to perform better with better thoughts and a renewed positive outlook .


This and much more is done and shown by our Ayurvedic Doctors ( Lifestyle coach’s) . Feel free to write back to us on the blog or whats app “ YES “on +91 7045964227 .