Behaviour as medicine

Did you know that Ayurveda considers your behaviour also as a medicine for you as well . For e.g : If you lie or get angry or get jealous or hate someone , you have impacts on your body and mind . These are negative emotions hence you will have negative impacts . Modern science is just warming up to this . Am sure most of you readers are aware of the “ Polygraph “. Thats the Lie detecting machine . How does it detect lies ? It detects lies using the effect the lies has on your brain and your body . So at least that doesn’t sound giberish to you now hopefully . So ayurveda knew this more than 5000 years ago and the texts have a complete section on behaviour and its effects on the body .

So make sure to be honest , positive , be truthful and be calm . There are many more such qualities which need to be inculcated as a value system to be able to be healthy . All this will definitely have positive results on your body and mind . We teach you and help you towards positive behaviour which acts as medicine for your MIND and SOUL….. write to us or whats app “ YES “ on +91 7045964227 .