Dharma and ethical conduct and your MIND.

This image is silly and its intentional . I have mentioned about Dharma and how it affects us (Dharma doesn’t mean religion here … In english its loosely translated to religion ! It however is just the opposite , it is about being areligious or secular and means “ ethical conduct “ or cosmic law and order . Even most Indians are not aware of the true meaning . ) …in Our ‘inner’ violence, or non -dharmic thoughts and actions towards each other, towards other species, cultures , races and our abusive dealings with nature are tantamount to the disturbance of ‘gunas’ (vibrations in consciousness) within us ie our MINDS . “ This violence then affects our ‘outer’ world, or our immediate environment. These same vibrations, especially when a whole body of humans collectively vibrate it, echoes out in time to affect even outer space, disrupting the ‘dharma’ ( ethical conducts or cosmic law and order ) and flow of heavenly bodies, like the earth , moon , other planets, stars, meteors, etc.” — Taken from The Upanishads

Your MIND will always Project your internal issues into your life just like a mirror … so will your universe around you be manifested based on your internal thought process … good or bad ….Today, our world is ravaged by an epidemic of diseases, toxins, and addictions. Even the frequency of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes has increased all over the globe. Ayurveda’s proclamation over nature and environment could well read the same as text from any modern media news story. In his ultra ‘modern’ vision, ancient Vedic sage Charaka discusses seasonal vagaries and untimely disruption of seasonal rhythms. We are all energy and made from the 5 elements of nature . So our negative or positive energy affects our environment and vice versa . So in a place where there is a lot of inhuman activity against the cosmic law and order , that place will definitely have problems like earthquakes or floods or tornadoes or hurricanes more often as it disturbs the peace of the earth as well.. we are living on a planet which is alive … which breathes everything on it ,…..He attributes both to the generally non-dharmic approach, including anti-environmental and anti-nature policies, adopted by shortsighted Governments, their imprudent heads, and injudicious administrators. So you see its all encompassing … AYURVEDA … it teaches you to be one with the universe and understand collective consciousness ….

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