GHEE the celestial nectar

I Love writing this Blog since its free advice and am hoping a lot of people will benefit from Reading this . Among foods in the Upanishads it has been written 2500 years ago that GHEE is amrit ( celestial nectar ) . Today we can say that there are only two foods that never get spoilt — Honey and Ghee ( Clarified butter ) . Both these foods are very subtle in terms of its qualities . When we mean subtle it means that it has a tremendous penetrative quality  . Honey is predigested by the Bees and can penetrate into your cellular structure . Also its very easy to digest . However whats even more important is that the vibration frequency of Honey is very high ( remember everything is energy , so the atoms of honey vibrate at a higher frequency ). Meaning it is a high frequency food . Honey can increase the frequency of your cells and your body hence helping your immune system and making your body less susceptible to disease . However Honey should never be cooked or heated or put in warm water as then it becomes toxic and loses its subtlety . In spite of all these qualities I would rate Ghee far above Honey as food , although like there is no comparison between an apple and a banana one cannot compare Ghee and honey ….

About Ghee … the more I say and praise ghee the less it is for this super food . Ghee should actually be called a superfood . Ghee has the ability to transport anything to anywhere in the body . So if you cook in ghee the nutrients from your veggies are taken easily to the cells . Also Ghee makes it very easy for the cell to detox as the lipid and protein covering of every cell in your body matches ghee which is nothing but lipid and protein ! Ghee is another subtle food and never gets spoilt . It has no lactose so can be taken by lactose intolerant people as well. Ghee ( clarified butter ) though needs to be hand made in the traditional route ( from milk to curd to butter to ghee ) only then will it be the real ghee as we call it . Please note that ghee is beneficial only when made from cows milk ! This traditional ghee can never increase cholesterol and is the ultimate food for every age group. In todays world we can all have 2 to 4 teaspoons of ghee everyday depending on how much you exercise . Also Ghee is nothing but Butyric acid , and do you know what your intestines produce to digest your food ? Butyric acid ! So you see why Ghee is good for you and was called “ AMRIT “ ( Nectar of gods or celestial nectar ) in the vedas and upanishads . Enjoy ghee and make it a part of your daily diet without fail. Use honey everyday except summers . Remember what I told you about Honey , no heating it  . Also honey should never be cooked , so any cookie or cake you see containing honey … is toxic ! Kindly refrain using honey with radish and any non vegetarian food as well. Its contra indicative meaning it causes toxins . Also the honey lemon and warm water !! Everyone seems to be doing that … its toxic ! Have warm water with lemon only . Now why have I included foods in this section of mind and soul  . Thats because Ghee is the ultimate food prepared by man which is good for the Brian and mind .

Although the brain and mind are two different things but it would get too complex if I started on that topic . Our brain is just water and fat cells ( 60% ) ghee is nothing but saturated fat or ESA ( Essential fatty acid ) . Recent research has also shown the need for ESA for proper functioning of the brain and increasing brain power ! Since modern scientists and scientific methods do not believe anything traditional other than research ! I have this to say to them ….  a lot of medicines have been banned in the last few decades and they were all FDA approved after 10 or more years of research ! Ayurveda texts are with us for the last 5000 years which is the first book globally about medicines , herbs , human health , cures and causes for all human beings at large . Ayurveda is here since 5000 years and modern medicine for the last 250 years … its up to you who to believe .


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