Body a result of your consciousness

  • Let me explain what this means that Your body is a result of your consciousness … To have a pure clean body you need a pure clean mind ! To detox your body and mind … Are you aware that your 90 % of Serotonin is in the Gut not the brain , and Little more than 50 % of Dopamine is in your Gut ( intestines ) … In fact as per ayurveda the GUT is more important than your brain !! Basically  more than 50% of your wellbeing , happiness , and other emotional responses movement , memory , pleasurable reward , behavior and cognition , attention , inhibition of prolactin production , sleep , mood and learning depends on your intestinal health or your gut ! You know its funny but in India we always knew this , however we prefer following the western medical system …. Anyways the cleaner it is the more free your mind … the more happy and stress free you are .. Modern medicine is just finding it out now , what ayurveda has said 5000 years ago .

Consciousness is present in every cell of your body ( because every cell has memory , knows what to do , can consume food , excrete and dies ) The change of your consciousness can change your energy field which in turn will then change your cells and in turn your body !! This involves a lot of discussion regarding the Chakras etc which I shall not get into here . In short  keeping your Gut clean and following a lifestyle based on the clock of the universe ( circadian rhythm ) will improve your consciousness and hence your wellbeing and body . Thats how ayurveda thought 5000 years ago….


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