How our own mind kills us !

Now if I told you that WE DONT DIE … We kill ourselves or rather our mind kills us …would you believe that ….Ayurveda helps identify the day-to-day or vyavaharika dharma ( ethical conduct ) related to our daily routine. When Ayurvedic dharma (Dharma doesn’t mean religion here … In english its loosely translated to religion ! It however is just the opposite , it is about being areligious or secular and means “ ethical conduct “ or cosmic law and order . Even most Indians are not aware of the real meaning . ) injunctions on right living, eating, thinking, sex, livelihood, exercise, sleep, and leisure are followed, for instance, one is living a dharmic lifestyle. ( Ethical not religious ) this dharmic lifestyle, in turn, protects our life and enhances our physical, psychological, social, moral, and spiritual health. And this, in turn, translates into life-sustaining ojas , or the Ayurvedic immunity principle inside our body.

By this logic, a non-dharmic life ( unethical – life full of anger , greed , unneccesary ambition , jealousy , fear , selfishness ) ultimately destroys our own wealth and health, and becomes our self-created monster that sooner or later demolishes us. We do not die; we kill ourselves in a slow, insidious manner through daily non-dharmic choices.So when people say they blame others for what is happening in their life  … that doesnt make sense … Its YOU yourself !

Dharma is reflected in how we treat ourselves ,  it demonstrates our sense of responsibility towards our own body, our practice of self-control of our own minds, how we choose ethics in all our social interactions, and how we display abiding respect towards the environment and all its creatures. So pay attention to your MIND by not getting involved in what it says ( which is the loud voice in your head ) … but listen to only your HEART which is the soft voice which comes from time to time which is your SOUL !

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