Multitasking ! How it is killing you …

In todays world we all love to Multitask . We have been given to understand that multitasking is a good thing ! We eat while walking  and listening to songs , Watch TV and eat and at the same time chat with friends , We work and chat on social media simultaneously , we cook and watch the Tele or talk on the phone , we drive and answer the Whats app messages , we walk and email or chat with friends simultaneously…. We all do this  . Somehow we are made to believe that Multitasking is the way to be and thats a smart thing to do . As a matter of fact its just the other way round . When you multitask you allow only fraction of your mind to focus on what you are doing . When only fraction of your mind is in a certain activity , it wont get done well. If you study and watch Tele will you ever be able to understand the subject well or will your mind register what you are studying ? Do you believe that you can keep chatting and drive for 6 hours and yet reach your destination in the same time as if you weren’t ? Or do you think you will be safe if you chatted all along on your phone ? Don’t believe what the Ads tell you , think for yourself rationally . If you keep chatting and driving your chances of reaching the destination delays by more than 40% and chances of accidents increase by more than 60 % !! Similarly if you eat and walk or eat while driving or eat and watch TV or chat on the phone , the digestion process isn’t really taking place as it should . Remember eating is a divine process. What you Eat you become and how you eat will denote  how you shall feel .

When one doesn’t focus on eating , the digestion process doesn’t take place properly . If digestion isn’t complete , toxins keep forming in your body . If you have read a few articles in my blog then you know by now that toxins cause diseases . So something so simple like not focussing on eating , sitting in the right posture ( upright with your head bent forward towards the food ) can cause diseases ! Obviously disease kills . In fact if you can sit on the ground while eating cross legged this pose will help digestion even more ! These are some tips towards good health and how to eat . So concentrate on one thing at a time !

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