Depression , frustrations , irritation , anxiety …. all an illusion .

We humans  like optical illusions – especially when our brains struggle to make sense of what our eyes are seeing. However , in reality we find differences of perception rather irritating. We are all born with a clean slate in our mind , then comes the environment , parents , teachers , friends , religion … they write stuff in our minds with indelible ink ! Whats written in our minds for the first 18 years or so is just  so difficult to rub off that we come to the conclusion that anything  we see , other then what we know is wrong ! We’re attached to the way we see the world. We just feel what we know to be the right thing . From all these feelings stem irritation , from all this comes frustrations . Thinking too much about our irritation and frustrations makes us anxious and finally depressed . Over thinking anything makes the mind anxious anyways .

So am I saying what we think is wrong ? There is no right or wrong . There is no good or bad. Everything one thinks or does is just a perception which is fluid in the field of their consciousness . Of course there is KARMA .. So what you do or choose , you shall face the consequence . Please don’t think anyone gets away with anything . So Karma is your doing not GOD’s . The field of consciousness is fluid because it changes every moment and can change when faced with an adverse effect when forced on that individual. This is what one must know first . One has to understand that your perception is just an illusion and a creation of your mind . If it changes through an adverse effect or any incident in your life then how can it be real ! So the idea is to step back and let go … let go off your perception as nothing we think of as THE TRUTH ever is . Everything changes , you aren’t what you were a few minutes ago so how can a perception you have about something be real ? Hence if you really want to drive all these negative emotions like Anxiety , irritation , anger , frustration and depression all you need to do is to let go . Just LIVE and LET LIVE .

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