The Universe – Karma , Behaviour and disease ..

In India we have a lot of talk on Karma which is a part of our Psyche … Well at least it was until 20 years ago.. Then came the western style of living eating and even thinking . Thats the new generation , who have absolutely no idea about what India is and how the universe works . Its not their fault , the parents , the schools , their environment  have taught them what they are today . Since they have no idea , they are at a loss of understanding what life is and how it works … for these kids life seems like a chore and full of problems … something which their parents could easily surmount is very difficult for the kids most of them are sick mentally . I thought I should write a little about how the universe works ( Action and reaction which is nothing but KARMA ) or as you sow so you reap to help these brilliant kids who are actually very insecure and have serious issues with coping with life . So I thought might as well write and explain to people how evolved we were and how the universe works . You see I have been rating away about how the universe works on quantum physics ( basically its physics in nano levels ) . So when you do something here like eating healthy … you get an outcome in sometime … being fit , healthy and fresh . When you eat unhealthy … you get the outcome as well … being fat and unhealthy . Mind you everything in the universe takes some time , even when you manifest your thoughts it has to reach the far corners of the universe to bounce back and give you what you are manifesting and of course the entire manifestation process is very slow . The same thing about anything you do or think. These deeds or karma is attached with only esoteric and subtle things not with gross things just like the universe which is subtle  … meaning when you do something good bad or ugly its attached to your subtlest part of you … That is your soul. Its not attached to your body . The manifestation of the Karma is in your body . So when you eat healthy and do good .. the good effects stay with your soul , but it manifests and shows effects on your body later . This is how it works. Mind you though that the soul is not bound to anything  … its actually free of all bondage , the Karma or Karmic link is stuck to the soul so that the soul can manifest the body accordingly . So how does Physics explain this

  • The person releases a bit of their own energy into the lower frequency level, where that energy has no function or direction, so it is dysfunctional or energy of a lower level of frequency .
  • Since energy cannot be lost, this creates a link between the person and the event, that stays at the frequency where the karmic action happened.
  • This “karmic link” creates a drag or weight on the person, because the energy is lower frequency and more sluggish. It slows the person down.
    • It also distracts them at the lower level, where they are likely to attract more karma with self or others, which just makes things worse.
    • At first, the lower level may feel uncomfortable to the person, but later they get used to it and remain there (e.g. chronic depression, addiction, etc.).
    • The lower down you drop, the harder it becomes to get back up the higher frequencies.
    • Karma is often described in terms of cause and effect. But Noel Huntley, PhD in physics explains it very well ….said that from a higher viewpoint, cause and effect are simultaneous . He explained:
      • In a two-polarity system ( which is the structure of our universe ) , the whole energy divides into two poles. The perpetrator pole and victim pole are interdependent, because you can’t have one without the other.
      • Because energy seeks wholeness, the two poles come together to cancel the karmic debt, which means what was inflicted on another person is returned to self.

      This then becomes a habit and addiction ( everything in life is a habit , your thought process , your food habits , your sexual habits , your emotional habits …. nothing is permanent to name it as something ) …. Similarly disease is a very low frequency energy which is stuck on to you which you need to get rid of … All the things you have done in your life will lead to Karma and will pull you down to a lower frequency … You see now why Ayurveda says ” Disease is nothing but Karma ” .. To get rid of this low frequency and any disease one needs to change a lot of thing … That cannot be done by Chemicals and synthetic medicines … Can it ? This is exactly where Ayurveda and Samskrt comes in …..To rise above this all one just needs to understand that I am not this . I am not my addictions , I am not my food habits , I am not my sexual habits , I am not my emotional habits … I AM THE PUREST FORM OF ENERGY ACTUALLY …. The soul … GOD HIMSELF . This is the  Philosophy in the Vedas .