Routined Lifestyle = Perfect health and beauty .

Most people have completely moved away from the idea of a routined life . What we  aren’t aware of are the benefits and importance of going with the universal clock  called circadian rhythm or Dinacharya  . We don’t know what the body clock is and how it works . For the dummies  – if your  hormone secretion in your body is normal your body functioning is perfect . Now the hormone secretion in the body happens based on the circadian rhythms and is affected by external stimuli like light , temperature , seasons etc. Each cell of your body has a certain body clock and memory which follows the universal clock . When you change the clock ,  the cells are confused and will create havoc in your body . When you do not go as per the universal clock you put your body under physical stress . Nearly every cellular form of life found on Earth has a biological clock , keeping it on a roughly 24-hour schedule. In humans, the SCN ( Supra chiasmatic nucleus ) imposes a 24.5 hour schedule, slightly longer than an day, which means that it has to continually readjust to stay matched to the actual schedule of day and night dictated by the Earth’s rotation . So as humans we need to make an effort to keep our Dinacharya or circadian rhythm intact .  If You don’t adjust your timing with the earths rotation , your cells and body clock changes and this causes ageing , disease and other serious issues .

This is  exactly whats happening to people today . You should also be aware  that diseases is  a result of poor diet ,lack of exercise and not following a lifestyle as per the circadian rhythm !! Ayurveda knew this 5000 years ago and called it Dinacharya . In Ayurveda Disease means KARMA ( you get what you have done all those years leading to a disease ) and Dinacharya beats KARMA !! KARMA is like a boomerang , what you throw at the universe , people , yourself , you shall get back everything . All in good time and measure . There is no escape . So why not go with it rather than defy it . You can change your KARMA by following  the Dinacharya mentioned in Ayurveda . Modern medicine just woke up to this a few years ago. Most people may remember  that our Grandparents always lead a routined life . Not just health and body , but your looks will also change when you follow the Dinacharyas . You will have better skin , hair and look fresh , be able to think better and your brain functions better so you can find solutions easily to your problems . The ageing process slows down ! Most of all you refrain your mind and body from diseases .  Let me give you a few examples .

  1. Waking up before sunrise ( between 4 and 6 am ) . I hope you are aware that for your early morning ablutions ( act of removing waste or cleaning oneself ) , the body itself pushes the toxins from your body . You don’t have to do much . The natural push of urine and stools are  between 2 and 6 am . After this you have to mechanically push it as the natural push ceases . This forceful push cause , piles , hernia , fistula , constipation , IBS and many other diseases in the long run . Also the oxygen content and air before and during sunrise is the best and purest , so breathing in a lot of fresh air at that time is always good for your health . So wake up early ! Early means before 6 am . By the way people who wake up early have more time and are smarter .
  2. Eating lunch between 12 and 1.30 . Our digestion process works with the heat of the sun . The digestive fire it is called ! Digestion doesn’t only mean digestion in the stomach but also cellular digestion . The food that you eat , needs to be converted to nutrition and energy by the mitochondria  , this energy needs to be absorbed by the cells . This energy replenishes life in you   . Our stomach and cellular digestion is the strongest between 12 and 1.30 pm in the afternoon based on the earths rotation  . So if you eat at that time the digestion is complete otherwise it would take a lot of time for the body to digest the food if eaten around 2 or 3 . Since the cells in your body naturally align with the universal clock , you have to give it food based on the universal clock and at the same time everyday  . Otherwise it will put your body and cells under stress  . This  stress makes your body secrete Cortico Steroids which block your channels causing diseases and hormonal dysfunction .  If the food remains undigested because you have eaten later than 1.30 pm  the digestion slows down . When digestion slows down the food will start to spoil or rot in your intestines . This spoilt food creates toxins and this toxin creates  diseases .
  3. Eating dinner between 6 and 8 pm or at least two hours before sleeping . After sunset our digestion process slows down so if you eat early , you will be thinner and won’t have digestion related issues . Most people who eat at least 2 hours before sleep will not have diabetes and wont be obese ! People eating late and right before sleeping is one of the reasons for getting  diabetes . Also kindly always have a light dinner . In case you still feel hungry drink a glass of milk before sleeping or a large bowl of Dal or soup .
  4. Exercising early morning . Today you will see many people running at 9 or 10 pm in the night or going to the gym at 10 or 12 pm ! Thats not how the body works . At the end of the day the body is tired and needs rest and you push the body to work hard . You can do some light exercise in the evening , the hard work needs to be done early morning ( 5 to 7 am ) or between 4 to 6 pm in the evening . You can however go for a short walk and a little gyming around  8 ( 15  mins of each ) . That’s if you have eaten by 6 pm as the food will give you the energy and you will not be overworking your body as you have eaten already . This also helps in digestion .
  5. Sleeping early between 9 and 10 pm . The melatonin ( hormone )  in our brain starts to secrete after sunset . If you don’t sleep before 10 the melatonin secretion depletes causing all kinds of problems and diseases . I have written some details in a previous blog on this topic.

I can go on like this about every Din Acharya . However its always best to know it from our Lifestyle coach’s  on how to do this and keep it sustainable .

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